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About Us

Elevating Organizations to New Levels.

Founded in 2021 in Mogadishu, Somalia.

Inform focuses on empowering organizations and businesses towards growth, agility, and adaptability by developing and implementing strategies that guide them through their growth and transformative periods.

Our Philosophy

To be the regional leader in accelerating organizational growth and profitability by facilitating better partnerships and institutional development.

To foster strengthened institutional capacities, data-driven growth, and stronger relationships between organizations and their stakeholders through effective strategic communications, research, and enhanced institutional capacity.

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    +252 610 999 266

    Company Objectives

    • To become the region’s trusted partner in brand creation, influencer marketing, and brand marketing.
    • To build strong, reliable, and productive partnerships and relationships for our clients through unparalleled Public Relations services.
    • To be the leading strategic communications partner in the Horn of Africa region.
    • To lead in offering data-driven and research-based solutions to our clients’ challenges.
    • To leverage technology and available technological tools for marketing, research, and institutional growth on behalf of our clients.
    • To help accelerate our client’s growth by strengthening their capabilities to institutionally manage and handle market challenges by working with them in assessing, defining, and re-organizing their institutional capacities.

    Company Values

    • Innovation: we stay ahead of the market by constantly looking for new and better ways of improving our processes and our services.
    • Creativity: in thinking outside the box, we create value for our clients by coming up with new and exciting solutions to the challenges that they face at work each day and to the challenges faced by our communities.
    • Diligence: we put in the work every step of the way, and our team will walk with a client throughout the process to ensure that the client’s needs are effectively and satisfactorily met.
    • Collaboration: we believe in partnerships, teamwork, and idea-sharing as a way of bringing out the best in us and the best in our clients.
    • Data-driven: for sustainable business and sustained growth, we ensure that the solutions we offer our clients are data-driven and data-based.
    • Flexibility: in a market that is constantly evolving, flexibility and agility without losing sight of who we are remains one of our core strengths.

    Growth, Agility, and Adaptability.

    Inform focuses on empowering organizations and businesses towards growth, agility, and adaptability.