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Institutional Advisory Services

Elevating Organizations to New Levels.

Advisory Services

A lot goes into building a productive, profitable, and effective organization. From putting up the right institutional structures, hiring the right personnel and turning that group of people into a team, positioning the company or organization effectively in the market, not to mention turning a profit, there are too many vital moving parts in institution building.

This is where we come in. We work with you from the onset of the strategy-initiating stage. The creation of a business or organizational strategy is a major undertaking. Our team understands that a strategy defines the company’s direction and provides a blueprint that guides the institution for 3-5 years, depending on its operational cycle.

We provide advice and client-specific assistance in developing a business strategy and implementing it over its life cycle. Our team will work with you to understand the ecosystem under which your business operates, the challenges in the market, the opportunities to be exploited, and local realities so that you can implement your strategy unencumbered and grow your business through responsive innovation while keeping the cost of doing business low.

Our team is comprised of local and international experts who have a solid grasp of sustainable business strategies and are confident in their abilities to execute flexible and innovative initiatives to help organizations navigate a precarious and volatile market environment with proven success.


a) Strategy Creation and Operations Streamlining

Our team sits with the client to craft an efficient strategy for the organization. We will assess the client's business processes, interrogate the functions of each organization's components, and provide an analysis of the market while creating opportunities for growth on both the local and global stages.

Equipped with this data and insight, we will create a practical strategy aligned not just to the organization's philosophy and objectives but also to the market's needs; we demonstrate where value for the company lies and provide insightful methodologies to get the client to attain its goals.

What we do:

  • Strategy development/strategic planning.
  • Strategy implementation supervisory services.
  • Outline growth strategies.
  • Market monitoring and advisory services on alternative approaches to maximize value.
  • Operations management solutions.
  • Capacity assessment.
  • Institutional policy optimization.
  • Development of responsive operational models.
  • Business process, operations, and management reviews.
  • Risk assessment and management.

b) Market Insights

Inform is keen on ensuring that our clients make decisions backed by reliable and timely data and market insight. Our research team is constantly on the lookout, observing and analyzing market trends, clocking opportunities for growth, and assessing local and global developments so as to avail this information to our clients upon request.

To help mitigate any business situation that may result in a crisis or loss occasioned by lack of information, we work with our clients to get the full picture of parties and partnerships that seek to engage with them by scrutinizing the integrity of such potential partners and providing accurate and current information that can be used to make the right business decisions.

What we do:

  • Constant threat assessment.
  • Media monitoring for reporting and crisis management.
  • Third-party and business partner (potential partner) audit and scrutiny.
  • Comprehensive market analysis.

c) Crisis Management

This is an extension of our Crisis Communication service, except that under this product, we do more for the client; our corporate experts handle any business crisis our clients may encounter. The organization will, from time to time, find itself in volatile and unpredictable business situations that may carry negative ramifications or land the organization in a crisis and impact the business.

What we do:

  • Risk assessment of business opportunities.
  • Provision of quick response in a crisis.
  • Managing (on behalf of the client) pressure from stakeholders.
  • Dealing with regulatory concerns.
  • Advisory services when dealing with legal issues.

Growth, Agility, and Adaptability.

Inform focuses on empowering organizations and businesses towards growth, agility, and adaptability.