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Strengthened Governance

Elevating Organizations to New Levels.

Strengthened Governance
Structures and Sustainable Development

The Federal Republic of Somalia and the greater Horn of Africa region are currently undergoing a period of regeneration and growth. This period is characterized by attempts to build working democracies, deliberate and progressive initiatives aimed at building governance structures and government systems across the region, creating civic space, and encouraging citizen participation in leadership, governance, and democratic processes, to mention just a few.

This is important work that needs to be done regardless of the obstacles and challenges the country and the region still face.

At Inform, we believe that there is a role for the organization to play in this process of regeneration. Our team works with various government departments, various local and international development partners, local leadership (local authorities) across the country, and other stakeholders such as civil society organizations, local scholars, and institutions of higher learning, among others, in finding solutions to our governance and leadership challenges. We believe this is the only way we can achieve political and economic growth, stability as well as social inclusion.

What we do:

  • Capacity building for government officers and government departments.
  • Strategy formulation and implementation.
  • Policy reforms (advisory and implementation).
  • Testing and strengthening of government systems.
  • Enhancing accountability systems.
  • Advisory services to international and local NGOs.
  • Advisory services to international development partners like the IMF, World Bank and others.
  • Advisory services in the area of public sector reform.

Growth, Agility, and Adaptability.

Inform focuses on empowering organizations and businesses towards growth, agility, and adaptability.