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Strategic Communications

Elevating Organizations to New Levels.

Strategic Communications

We work closely with our clients in crafting, designing, and managing how they are perceived by the public and how their brand interacts with various stakeholders.

Our team is skilled and experienced in storytelling, relationship building, design creation, and, more importantly, design thinking in providing solutions for communication problems.

Through our strategic communications services, our team works with clients to build lasting brands, safeguard client-customer relationships, and oversee every stage of the transformation that their business is undergoing.


a) Media Relations

We create opportunities for media coverage and media engagements for our clients. We act as the link between our clients and the various audiences that they intend to reach with their services or messages.

What we do:

  • Responsive media engagement plan.
  • Advise clients on corporate positioning in the media.
  • Writing press releases, advertorials, and opinion pieces.
  • Conducting media and interview training for key people recommended by the clients such as company spokesperson or their CEO.
  • Handling negative and hostile press for the client.
  • Facilitating access to media opportunities (publishing, TV engagements, radio appearances, interviews, etc.).

b) Public Relations

Our service here is in the management of public perception and protection of the client’s brand. We do this by deploying strategically chosen media tools.

What we do:

  • Positive media coverage.
  • Managing public perception (brand, products, or leadership such as CEO).
  • Reviewing brand positioning depending on public response.
  • Writing and distributing press releases.
  • Audience analysis.
  • Arranging and running award campaigns.

c) Crisis Communication

When a client runs into headwinds that threaten its reputation or the reputation of its representatives like the CEO in a way that can damage the trust built with their stakeholders or in a way that affects the company’s performance and profit margins; our crisis communications team steps in.

What we do:

  • Communication threat analysis.
  • Strategic response plan to the crisis.
  • Advisory services on how to deal with hostile press.
  • Responding to public inquiries.
  • Training of spokespersons and representatives for the client on how to handle the media.
  • Staff training on how to communicate during the crisis.
  • Provision of post-recovery plan.
  • Reputation management.

d) Branding and Creative Design Solutions

Our Branding and Creative Design Solutions offer a full suite of design services guaranteed to grab your attention and leave a lasting impression. We are aware of the significance of compelling visuals in delivering a world-class user experience. We specialize in designing top-notch brand identities and everything else related to creative design.

What we do:

  • Brand naming.
  • Brand management.
  • Corporate style guidance.
  • Brand analysis and research.
  • Corporate branding.

e) Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing, including social media marketing, has disrupted the traditional advertising spaces organizations have relied on for years. Our team has tech-savvy young men and women who are adept at leveraging the available technological advantages to benefit our client’s online visibility, crisis management, and brand reputation management and enhance their sales and marketing initiatives.

What we do:

  • Facilitating website Ads.
  • Social Media Marketing initiatives like; content dissemination, content generation, account optimization, SEO marketing, etc.
  • Digital advertising initiatives like; paid online advertising, facilitating paid ads on Facebook, sponsored posts on Instagram, sponsored posts on Twitter, etc.
  • Influencer marketing: we work with various influencers and public figures who have large social media following and influence with the public and leverage their influence on behalf of our clients so as to reach larger and more diverse audiences.

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