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Elevating Organizations to New Levels.


Data has become one of our generation’s most sought-after components in the business world. Companies and individuals rely on data to make day-to-day decisions and, when it calls for, to make major transformative decisions that affect the trajectory of their operation and the lives of people associated with them. For this, they need reliable, timely, and problem-specific data.

Data-driven solutions to market problems are the difference between a market leader and companies that come fifth.

Our research experts rely on proven research methodologies, technology, and our broad understanding of the local terrain to conduct and produce the type of information that our clients rely on. Our clients use this information to understand their markets, their audiences, and the response generated by their products and services.

We generate, synthesize, analyze, and package data in a way that is immediately transformative and useful to our clients.


a) Market Strategy and Market Insights

We work with our clients in providing them with data that gives them a clear picture of how the market is responding to their products and services, how the market is responding to their competition, the gaps in the market, the opportunities, and the challenges in the market at that point.

Our goal is to ensure that our clients are fully aware of anything going on in the market that may affect their bottom line.

What we do:

  • Market structure research.
  • Brand positioning.
  • User experience research.
  • Packaging research.
  • Innovation and product testing research.
  • Brand performance tracking.

b) Public Affairs

Public Affairs research focuses on political and social research that our team conducts on behalf of various clients, including government departments, NGOs, corporate entities, and individuals. Our clients who are in leadership positions, run government programs, and are involved in political and other social campaigns rely on us to provide them with the data they can use to run their campaigns or solve societal problems effectively.

What we do:

  • Political opinion polls.
  • Public opinion polls.
  • Public policy surveys.
  • Client-focused social research.
  • Social trends surveys.

Growth, Agility, and Adaptability.

Inform focuses on empowering organizations and businesses towards growth, agility, and adaptability.